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Buy our Flowers

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If you like your flowers local, seasonal, scented and a cut above the rest, Pink’s is the natural choice. Our flowers are British grown from seed. They change with the seasons, growing in tandem with nature to bring a touch of English country garden to you.

Our flowers can be dramatic, delicate, twisty, nostalgic, soft or subtle… but never formal, run of the mill, forced, chemically preserved (did you know that’s what stops flowers smelling?) or well-travelled. We promise them to you freshly picked, perfumed and joyful.


Whether you’d like to treat yourself to a bunch or a bouquet (one off or subscription), want to say it with flowers to someone or you simply want a bucketful or two of fragrant, flowery freshness to arrange as you like, we can supply flowers to delight and fill your home with glorious, natural scents.

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