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Artisan Gift Bouquets

We pride ourselves on growing the flowers we use in our bouquets. Every stem is grown by us, nurtured from seed through to flower. Picked to order our natural bouquets are truly seasonal. Think thoughtful colour combinations and blooming natural beauty.


Our flowers change frequently as the weeks pass by so it’s not possible to have exact descriptions or photographs of what can be ordered as no two bouquets are the same!

I am happy to discuss what’s in season when you place your order.


You’ll find price options and images to guide your choice. To order please call 07796 890467

Luxury Gift Bouquet

(Available as a hand-tie or in a glass vase / gift box)


Medium Gift Bouquet

Product 5.jpg

(Available as a hand-tie or in a glass vase / gift box)


Garden Hand Tie



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